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Avis Trader

Avis Trader is one of the leading providers of trading education, both theoretical and practical. It is the brainchild of Alexander Soares, a full-time trader, with more than 30 years of experience in trading futures.

Avis Trader offers all that is needed for traders to grow and develop, be it novice traders or veterans. The training provided by Avis Trader caters to all categories and skill levels and includes in-depth knowledge of the trading world.

Trading education at Avis Trader encompasses various trading systems and strategies. It has a 100% rule-based trading system that eliminates guesswork, emotions, and indecision. The trading system uses a combination of price, momentum, support & resistance, and other factors to help traders make profitable trading decisions.

Avis Trader offers an 8-hour long online video course that covers all aspects of trading strategies. The videos cover chart setup, momentum, volatility, market structure, and money & trade management in detail and in an easy way. The online video course is available at $1,899.

Avis Trader also provides coaching and mentoring programs presented by Alexander Soares. The one-on-one mentoring program, costing $599, brings real-time support, setup of charts and templates, live mentoring, and four 90-minute sessions. The other mentoring program, The Training Coaching Program, also costs $599; however, it includes three 90-minute sessions with many short meetings over two months.

The live trading room at Avis Trader helps traders learn the practical nuances of the trade. They get to watch professional traders and learn from them in real-time. Aspiring traders get to see all the trade signals and charts and all parts of the trade, including entry, exits, and stops. The professionals discuss each aspect of the trade setup with the students and answer related questions.

The live trading room of Avis Trader is open from 7 am to 11 am CST and 2 pm to 6 pm Central European Time. A monthly subscription to the live trading room of Avis Trader costs $299 while a yearly subscription costs $2,870.