One on One Day Trading Training and Coaching

Over the last few months the affordable, private one on one Day Trading Training and Coaching offered by AvisTrader and presented by Alexander Soares has become extremely popular. You will be entitled for FOUR, 90 minutes sessions.

All the services use TeamViewer and Webex wich give the feeling that both the trader and coach are in the same room.

There are 2 services wich are extremely well supported:

1. The one on one mentoring program

Teaching the strategy for students who need extra attention. If you are having problems setting up your charts or just beginning with the trading platform and need help, this is for you! I will walk you thru the Course Material step by step, setup your charts and answer all your question real-time.


2. The Training Coaching Program

Trading requires training and coaching, think of the football player that is going to play a match! There is a lot involved before the actual football player can contribute and play a match. The same is true for the professional day trader. Before and during your trading career you will need coaching in order to succeed.  In every walk of life it is accepted that we need some guidance along the way. I will guide you from my own experience and will be able to apply sound principles to help you on your walk.

Our first talk will be about your experience in the trading business like:

  • How long have you been trading?
  • Bad trading habits.
  • What are your trading goals?
  • How much trading capital do you have on hand?
  • What are the markets you want to trade?

Our second point of the Coaching Program will be:

  • We will take a look at your trading activities and determine why you are losing money.
  • Trading rules do you break them?
  • Money management, how to manage the use of margins.
  • Stop loss protection, how much you should risk per trade.
  • Taking profits, when you should take money out of the market.

Third point of the Coaching Program will be:

  • Understanding your fears.
  • pulling the trigger.
  • How to train yourself to pull the trigger and get confidence back by doing your homework!
  • Trading Journal

Our Fourth and last point:

At this stage of the one on one Day Trading Training and Coaching we will put things together and I will help you develop your own routine. We will schedule short meetings spread over the next 2 months just to see how things are going and if you indeed are doing your homework. Always remember the football player, you have to train yourself to be able to pull the trigger when a trade sets up and this is only possible if you are mentally prepared.

One on One Mentoring Program
FOUR, 90 Minutes Sessions
Live Mentoring with support of TeamViewer
Real Time Support
Setup of Charts and Templates
The Training Coaching Program
THREE, 90 Minutes Sessions +
Several short meetings over next 2 months
Get Confidence In Your Trading
Homework including Spreadsheets!