Trading education


Finally, a new accelerated proven trading education system that creates freedom traders without overwhelming or requiring too much time – for everyone at any level. If you´re like most traders you have already spent way too much time and money trying to find the ´´secret´´ to day trading. The truth is, there is no one ´´secret´´ to trading. Trading takes patience, discipline and an understanding of the markets. But most of all to day trade successfully it takes accurate and precise signals and an easy to understand trading plan. Our mission is to provide and assist you in your trading education and trading plan so you can capture the daily moves in today´s markets.

What can you expect from us?

Our goal is to help all of our traders become profitable. We walk you through trading in an easy to understand way. In the video course we will be building the trading strategy step by step. This will help you and accelerate your trading education.

What you will learn from us during your trading education?

In the course material you will learn about different indicators and chart patterns. We are not trading indicators but we will use them to filter out the noise of the market. In our trading strategy, indicators are never going to be the basis for the trading rules. All trades are based on price action setups. You will learn everything you need to become a successful trader with lifetime support including new updates of the course material and indicators, as well as conversion of NT7 indicators to NT8.

How much will my trading education cost to learn to trade?

We have one of the least expensive ways to learn how to successfully trade the markets. There are no long-term obligations and all the indicators needed are included in the video course as well as a Trade Setup Guide that will include trade examples and explanations. You will get free access with your own username and password to the members area of the video course where updates will be posted. There will be a trade log with all the trades taken from the live trading room with explanations of the setups so you can keep up your learning curve. The live trade room is a great add-on but is not required.

Are there any up-sells or requirements to spend more money?

Like we have said before, no. By purchasing the video course you will get all the material needed for your education, including all the indicators. The indicators will work on Ninjatrader 7 platform. If you want to learn additional trading strategies and watch how the methodology is applied in a live trading room, you have the option to subscribe to the trading room on a monthly basis with no long-term contracts.

How long will it take to learn how to trade with your proven trading education system?

It is all up to you and your ability to implement the concepts taught. If you follow the step by step approach, you can begin trading within a month. Always start with simulation trading. Trading with real money will be based on the confidence you develop in your own progression. Develop proficiency by practicing and putting in screen time or join our live trading room. It will take some people less time and some people longer just like everything else in life.

What kind of support is provided during my trading education? offers unlimited email support and live question and answer sessions during the trading day in the live trading room.

If you are still interested just go on and take a look at the overview of the trading system. There you can take a glance at the trading system that we use to trade the markets day in day out.

Come and join our proven trading education system that creates freedom traders without overwhelming or requiring too much time!