Yearly Trading Recap – 2020

After a turbulent trading year, we finally made it until the end of our trading year of 2020. There were only 2 major concerns for the year 2020 that caused us some volatility the first one being the divergence between the oil producers of Russia and Saudi Arabia and the second one was Covid 19. When we reached the month of April we did know the Covid 19 was hitting the worldwide economy hard. The lock down caused reduced demand for oil with a drop in oil value and a consequential price war. We could see this in our performance for the month of March and April hitting gains of 15K and 7K. Getting in trouble for the month of May and having to look at reduced price action during the summer months. We picked up in September again but could not see any price action in the upcoming trading months. With an abnormal slow price action we traded into the last trading months of the year. As a reference, these trading months are normally the best ones but this year everything was different. The last few trading months were slow with almost no price action and it was only good to ad an additional 8K of profit for this year.

Now let’s look at the numbers for this year. We ended the year 2020 up by almost 40K of profit. The percentage profitable ended at almost 60%. We made more money with short setups than with Long setups. The cumulative Profit was lower but Profit factor was higher with short setups indicating big drops in price.

If we look back at the last 6 trading years we can see that we have a record this year with a profit of almost 40K USD.

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Live Trading Room

Live Trading Room


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Live Trading Room

Live Trading Room

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Hope this helps and see you all back in 2021,

Alexander Soares

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  1. Michael Orem

    Very well done Alex.
    I wish you the very best for 2021.

    1. Alexander Soares

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks and all the best for you too.


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