How to Trade Crude Oil

Crude Oil Inventories April the 27th

Crude Oil Inventories April the 27th The forecast for this weeks crude oil inventories was 0.1M and the actual outcome was 0.7M indicating lower crude oil prices.  We always wait for support or resistance and price was indeed able to break the established support level but we where not able to continue the trend down…

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Quarterly Markets Recap – Q1 2022

Quarterly Markets Recap – Q1 2022 A look back at markets in Q1, which was dominated by Russia’s shocking invasion of Ukraine as well as rising inflationary pressures. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February caused a global shock. The grave human implications fed through into markets, with equities declining and bond yields rising (meaning…

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Yearly Trading Recap – 2021

Yearly Trading Recap – 2021 This year was a story of global recovery for petroleum products. The oil market continues to be highly reactive to developments on the pandemic front – we’re not out of the woods yet, but we are close to pre-pandemic demand levels. Global oil prices are expected to rise further next…

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