Daily Trading Recap

Daily Day Trading Recap

Daily Day Trading Recap Approaching the Crude Oil Inventories for tomorrow and the slow trading period of Christmas and New Year, we still can see good moves but with low volume. Today was no exception, trading the $49.00 area during the beginning of the trading session. Price was trading above support so only looking for…

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Re-Enter A Trade After A Loss?

Re-Enter A Trade After A Loss? Is it a good idea to have a re-entry signal for a trading system, to re-enter a trade that got stopped out prematurely? This is the big question I got asked a lot. The price hits your stop loss resulting in a losing trade but then you see the price…

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opec meeting

Traders Weigh OPEC Meeting

Traders Weigh OPEC Meeting Oil prices opened with a big gap between the close of last Friday and the open this week.,We can clearly see that we are dealing with a nervous market. With OPEC Meeting on the calendar for this week, traders weighed whether the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia will…

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